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Large & Medium

Typhoon MCR. Grain Milling. Milling machine. For high milling capacity.

Typhoon MCR

Milleral Industrial Milling System

Typhoon Industrial Milling System

The Typhoon System is designed for high milling capacity between 2.5 tons per hour and 20 tons per hour utilising pneumatic single or double roller mills available in 800mm, 1000mm, and 1250mm roller sizes with 250 to 350mm diameter. The intake capacities range between 2.5 tons per hour on the MCR25080 and 6.5 tons per hour on the MCR25125. As an optional, feeding roll automation can also be included. All roller mills have pneumatic engagement control and can be belt or gear driven. Break and reduction rollers in its respective roller ratios are supplied.

To complement these high quality roller mills, plan sifters in various execution is installed, from 4 section to eight section each with 12 to 24 trays.

Pre-cleaning and final cleaning with elevator or air transport in the milling section is supplied.

Maize mills requiring de-germination, with 3 ton per hour de-germinators are installed.

Scourers and  trieurs form part of the wheat cleaning sections with two dampening stages recommended for both wheat and maize, 

Milling systems can be compactly designed over three levels only for smaller mills up to 120 tons per day. Short systems can be designed on request. 

Intake-, weighing-, storage-, unload-, and drying systems with the full range of transport systems available globally can be supplied.

Packing plant, from small packing to 90kg bags can be incorporated on a automated or semi-automated basis.

Electrical control panels form part of the project and is designed to fit the miller's requirement in terms of automation.

300mm Double Multi Mill. Maize mill. Wheat mill.       

300mm Double Multi Mill   

400mmTriple Multi Mill. Maize mill. Wheat mill.

400mmTriple Multi Mill

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The Hurricane Multimill range:

The Hurricane Multimill range is available with 450 or 300 x 250mm roller mill stands in either double (4 rollers or 2 pairs) or triple (three pair, six rollers) or quadruple (4 pairs rollers) combinations in the break systems of maize and wheat mills.The Hurricane system is a medium scale system offering primary sifting and rolling on one machine, thus avoiding separate transport between break rollers. The system is suggested to a maximum capacity of 2 tons per hour with two lines operating in maize and 1 ton per hour in the case of wheat. Maize de-germinators in capacities of 500kg and 1,000kg per hour  is supplied as part of the maize milling system while scourers in capacity of 500kg/hr is supplied in the case of wheat. 

Stone mills form the essence of the reduction system for these medium scale wheat mills.

The Tornado Multimill range:

 The Tornado Milling System is a hybrid between the compact Hurricane system and the industrial Typhoon system utilising mechanical 600 x 250mm rollers in vertically integrated single (one pair rollers) or double (two pairs rollers) configuration. Milling and sifting functions are separated and either mini plan sifters or 4 section plan sifters complement the Tornado roller mill.  The system is primarily designed for milling of wheat in 1 - 2 ton per hour capacities and maize in 1.2 to 3 ton per hour systems.
The Tornado Milling System evolved from the remarkable success experienced by small scale millers the world over following de-regulation of the industry in many countries from Eastern Europe to Africa.
The Tornado Milling System can cater for the ongoing needs of the miller.

The Tornado system operates on traditional roller mill principles of sifting after each milling stage, except for the first two or three break stages which are combined in double roller stands in the case of wheat mills. 
The transport system within the complete milling section is negative pneumatic with dust control.
The milling system is erected over two levels for affordable and efficient transport of product while allowing a roof height of only 7 meters at the apex.

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Small Scale & Specialised Equipment Lines


1. Containerized Maize Mill

Containerized Maize Mill. Milling machine. Grain Milling A complete 500 - 1,000kg per hour maize milling system has the following major advantages:
  • Compact
  • Includes cleaning and aspiration system to remove all foreign material from grain before milling
  • Conditioning of grain before milling for better quality
  • De-germinator to separate bran and maize germ meal
  • Plate mill OR Hurricane Multimill for quality maize meal with low percentage powder.
  • Sifter to grade maize meal for high quality end product
  • Also ideal for sorghum.
  • No installation costs at site required


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2. Vertical & Horizontal Stonemills

Horizontal Stone Mill. Grain Milling. Milling machine. Vertical Stone Mill. Grain Mlling

The range of vertical and horizontal stone mills manufactured since 1925 in Denmark provides excellent milling quality.

Diamant 300 and 500mm mills and Favourite 600 and 950mm stone mills are standard items. Stone mills are ideal for the milling of spices, because of the low milling temperature, thus preventing discolouration and loss of flavour, and its ability to grind the product extemely fine. Many varied applications requiring fine milling with low oil and moisture content is routinely supplied, from macadamia nut shells to starch. 

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3. The Plate Mill

Plate Mill. Milling machine.

The amazing plate mill provides solutions to many difficult milling applications such as for oily and wet products like peanut and other nut butter, full fat extruded soy beans, sugar, coffee, spices as well as dry and wet milling of grain.

capacities depend on application but would vary between 120kg/hr for peanut butter and 500kg per hour for sorghum or maize.

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4. The Universal Mill 

Milling machine. The Hammer of the Universal Mill. Milling machine. The Plate of the Universal Mill Milling machine. The Stone of the Universal Mill.

The unique combination of hammer mill, plate mill and stone mill, also known as the triplets in one basic structure is an inexpensive solution to small millers requiring these functions. The various attachments and speed reducers are supplied in kit form whereby one drive unit is all it takes to, in turn, transform the plate mill into a hammer mill or a stone mill.

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5. Hammer Mills 

The heavy duty Hippo range is designed for industrial or commercial use where the mill operates for 24 hours a day and where it grind industrial products with motor capacity as high as 75kw.

Hippo Range:

Baby Hippo c/w 4kw motor 200kg/hr
Size 1 Mill c/w 7.5 kW motor 500kg/hr
Size 1 1/2 Mill c/w 11 kW motor 600kg/hr
Size 47 Mill c/w 18.5kW motor 900kg/hr
Size 47 Mill with PTO, 3 point linkage 900kg/hr
Size 57 mill c/w 30 kW motor 1200kg/hr
Size 57 Mill with PTO, 3 point linkage 1200kg/hr
Size 69 Mill c/w 45 Kw motor 1750kg/hr
Size 69 Mill with PTO, 3 point linkage 1750kg/hr
Size 3 mill c/w 30kW motor 1,200kg/hr finer grind
L63 Mill c/w 55kW motor 2,500kg/hr
Mammoth Mill c/w 75kW motor 5,000kg/hr
Hay King c/w 55 Kw motor 2,500kg/hr OR square bale hay/13 seconds

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6. Maize & Peanut Shellers

Maize sheller plain C/w 11kw motor
Maize sheller with kicker V-belt drive C/w 11 kW motor
Maize sheller with kicker PTO & 3 point Power Link
Maize sheller with cleaner c/w V belt drive c/w 11W motor
Peanut sheller  (hand and with 4kw)
Maize sheller (hand and with 4kw)


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